Internet Exchange

This is Extreme IX

Extreme IX is carrier neutral, data center neutral Internet Exchange point for Indian ISPs, local and international content providers.
Extreme IX welcomes anyone having Autonomous System (AS), own address space and desire to join the exchange.
Extreme IX is a project operated by Extreme Infocom Pvt. Ltd. a newly established Indian based company dedicated to operating and maintaining it.


Extreme IX is not bound to use exclusively any particular Carrier, Telecom, Fiber or Data Center provider.
Extreme IX team is neutral party that offers equal services for all participants.


The team behind Extreme IX has already played significant role in enabling Peering in India by educating ISPs and helping them with technology.
Extreme IX aims to further help the ISP ecosystem by boosting local traffic exchange and help them achieve 1/10 ratio of Transit vs. Peering traffic.