Terms & Conditions

  1. Amounts due for the services chosen are to be paid in advance and such charges are not refundable as this is a prepaid service.
  2. GST @ 18% is not included in the tariff/charges and is payable over and above the plan charges.
  3. The Company shall reserve the rights to modify/withdraw these T&C including but limited to tariff/charges and display the same in its website without notice to the Customer and such posting will be deemed to have been read by the Customer.
  4. Any one time charges paid to Extreme Infocom at the time of installation are non refundable.
  5. Downgrade & Termination is possible from the new invoice cycle. Downgrade & Termination notice to be given 7 days before the new invoice cycle.
  6. ASN & IP addresses to be provided by the customer
  7. Direct peering with third party peering providers may need approval from the third party provider.
  8. For the services, suspended for a non-payment by the Customer, a refund is not due.
  9. In cases of overpaid amounts, the Customer should provide a bank account to which the refund to be remitted.